Reinforce your brand with a powerful school website.

Your school website is more than just an information hub. It's a place to craft the best digital experience. A great website experience boils down to a few key factors: speed, ease of use, findability, and clarity.

Make a memorable first impression on your homepage.

Your school website is often the first place people encounter your brand. It’s your best opportunity to show off what’s special about your schools. Give parents, students, and teachers a great first look at your district with a school website design that’s beautiful and easy to use.

Key features on a school website


Your information roadmap

Help parents, students, and teachers find what they need right away. Your menu is their map for finding information quickly and easily.

Live Feed & News

How your community keeps up

Keep everyone up to date with Live Feed and News. Write, craft, and publish new content in a matter of minutes.


Show everyone who you are

Help your community reach who they need to with one click. Display photos and contact information of staff members at your schools.


They’ll know what’s for lunch

Gone is the question, “What’s for lunch?” Our Dining feature allows parents to know and plan their child’s meal options in advance.


Stay up to date

Increase family engagement with an intuitive calendar. Give parents and family members the ability to easily add events to their phones and access turn-by-turn directions.


Share important information

Help your community find important documents, policies, and information they need from a convenient, accessible place on your website.

Your school website is your best recruiting tool.

Your website is an opportunity to attract new talent to your schools. A recent teacher satisfaction survey from SchoolCEO found that over 70% of teachers look at a school’s website before applying for a position. Stand out to prospective teachers with an online presence that showcases what makes your schools unique.

Share good news, often.

There’s always a new story to share with your community. Your website is the place to tell stories of student achievement and teacher dedication. Connect with your community and shape your brand by sharing these stories on your homepage with Live Feed and News.

Keep your brand consistent.

Keep everything consistent from the district level down to individual schools. Changes made through one intuitive editor ensure school websites across your district are in sync. Maintain brand consistency and deliver up-to-date information from your website.

Share responsibility with your staff.

Share the responsibility of building your school brand. With page moderation, you can get support from others within your district while still maintaining control. Empower staff to manage content and keep web pages current.

ADA friendly and accessible to all

Guarantee your school website is accessible by making it ADA compliant. All types of disabilities—including auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive disabilities—should be addressed to make your website accessible to everyone. An ADA compliant school website enables you to connect with anyone.

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