Deliver a better school app experience.

Simply having a school app isn’t enough. Now more than ever, effective school communication requires a mobile strategy that reaches families where they are. You need an app that’s beautiful, responsive, and easy to use.

Reinforce your brand, not a third party's.

Your school mobile app should deliver your brand. Period. That means a user experience that keeps your audience in the app you control. No more exiting to visit third-party websites for athletics scores, cafeteria menus, and events. Delight your audience by keeping them engaged within your app.

Include everyone on the device they use most.

Today, people spend 90% of their mobile time using apps. And for 15% of Americans, their phones is the primary way to access information. Having a school app is more than just a luxury or another way to access information. It's a strategy that engages families that are otherwise hard to reach.

27% of adults below the poverty level rely on mobile-only internet access.

15% of Americans are currently on smartphone-only internet.

People spend 90% of their mobile time using apps.

Drive experience through design.

The right school app makes parents' and teachers’ lives easier. That’s why our highly intuitive apps are built for experience first. No pinching, zooming, or leaving the app to find the information you need. Deliver the excellent mobile experience your community expects—instantly, easily, and in a thoughtful way.

Earn a place on
the home screen.

Offer a rich experience and take advantage of the built-in elements of iPhone and Android platforms, such as calendar integration and turn-by-turn directions. We'll build a custom app for your schools with a dedicated and branded listing in the App Store and Play Store.

Enable two-way

When you’re ready, you can add two-way messaging with Rooms. Rooms integrates directly with your school app for better parent-teacher communication. Parents can see classroom announcements and message teachers in the same app they use for districtwide communication.

Showcase your identity.

Your school app is an opportunity to showcase your brand identity. It’s a chance to highlight your values and what makes your schools unique. Our design team will work with you to customize your app to embody your brand colors. When you open the app, it’ll feel like you’re walking inside the halls of your schools.

Personalize the experience.

Deliver the best experience on any smartphone. Parents and guardians have the option to get notifications from specific buildings and campuses to stay in touch with their kids' events, news, and Live Feed.

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