Reach everyone instantly with school alerts and notifications.

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Reach your audience on their devices with an alert system you can trust. School alerts make connecting with your audience simple and easy. It only takes one click to reach your entire audience whenever and wherever you want, instantly with Thrillshare.

Increase speed of communication with less effort.

Increase speed of communication with less effort.

Our school emergency notification system allows you to write and schedule messages in advance. That way, when the inevitable snow day happens, notifying your community is quick and easy. Simply open Thrillshare, craft a message, and press send. The best part? You can send a snow day alert from your phone to all of your communication channels in seconds.

Save time with recurring alerts.

School alerts give you the option to set up recurring notifications that send automatically. This comes in handy for things like student attendance. When a student doesn’t show up for school, parents will get a notification instantly. Save time and maintain efficiency.

Improve communication
with translation.

Our school alerts tool integrates with Google Translate so you can send an email, text message, or voice message in your audience’s native language. Communicate in more than 100 languages without adding more work to your team.

Monitor performance.

Monitor how your messages perform with our Analytics feature. With Analytics, you can view the success and deliverability rate of your calls, texts, and emails no matter how large your list is. Stay informed and keep a pulse on how your audience is interacting with your alerts.

Do more with your SIS.

We have experience with 30+ Student Information Systems and will work with you to integrate your SIS with our products. With Thrillshare, you can sync your SIS multiple times throughout the day to keep everything working together. Whether you send your data through SFTP servers or have an API to connect to, we can help link you to your data.

Personalize your message with list management.

With intuitive list management, you can be sure that the right audience gets the right alerts at the right time. Create unique lists for different buildings, grades, bus routes, sports teams, and more. If someone doesn’t want to be notified, simply add them to a Universal Do Not Contact list. Adding them to Do Not Contact will take them off of any list they’re a part of.

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