School website design that powers your brand identity

Your school website is often the first place people will encounter your brand. It’s your best opportunity to show off what’s special about your school. Give parents, students and teachers a great first look at your district with a school website design that’s beautiful and easy to use.

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Web design that captures and keeps your audience’s attention

It takes about 0.05 seconds for a person to form an opinion about your website. That’s a short amount of time to leave a good first impression. So, how do you design a school website with your audience’s attention in mind? We take into account all of these factors when we’re building your website:

  • Simple and easy to use navigation
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Page speed and loading time
  • Consistency with your brand identity
  • Beautiful imagery and design
  • Responsive across all device types
  • ADA compliant and accessible to everyone
School website homepage Template Example School website design Example Beautiful school website design Example Intuitive school website design Example School website design Example

Responsive school web design

Your website should look great on all device types. In a mobile-first world, this is especially important. Whether your audience is using a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, our responsive websites will scale to fit any screen size. We’ll develop and design your school website to automatically adjust text, images, and graphics to the device of the user. This means everything on your website will be easy to read for your whole audience.

photo showing that Apptegy school websites are responsive across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices

A great user experience is a great school experience

Have you ever thought about how a person feels when they navigate your school website? Too often people focus on the design, responsiveness, and backend functionality of a website, and they forget about the person on the other end of the screen.

We believe that a great user experience creates positive school experiences. When parents begin the process of enrollment, they should easily be able to find the enrollment button on your homepage. Similarly, staff should be able to find the employee handbook without having to browse through large bodies of text, PDF’s or hidden subfolders.

We always design school websites with user experience in mind because we know that a thoughtful user experience builds positive school experiences for your brand.

Gradient Background School sports schools example School lunch menu solution School staff directory solution

Instant updates from your school website to all platforms

Having a great school website doesn’t mean adding more technology and time to your workload. All of our websites integrate with Thrillshare, which means if you make changes to your website, you can rest assured knowing that Thrillshare will automatically update this information across all platforms, including your live feed, social media channels and custom mobile app.

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Thrillshare lets school leaders update their website and app from one place.