Thrillshare Mobile can send school alerts across text messages, voice calls, social media, websites, and apps.
Faster school alerts and emergency notifications - from one simple tool.

With Thrillshare, you can send text messages, voice calls, social media posts, and smartphone push notifications with the click of a button.

Rethink text and voice alerts

Sending alerts has never been this easy. At a moment’s notice, you can open the Thrillshare app and instantly reach your audience. Customize who receives a message, record a voice call, or choose text-to-speech, all with a few taps.

Reduce technology and increase the speed of communication

When you need to send an alert to your community, there’s no time for managing multiple tools. Thrillshare mobile allows you to write and send alerts quickly from anywhere.

Alerts that play nice with your School Information System

Our database integrations team works with over a dozen school information systems to automatically integrate your SIS with Thrillshare. We’re adding more every month. With intuitive list management, you can be sure that the right audience gets the right alerts.

Tablet showing how our school alerts integrate with school information systems