Rooms is a unified communication and messaging tool integrated directly with your school app.

Parent, student and teacher user experience is at the heart of what makes Rooms so powerful. Rooms simplifies the digital classroom while bringing all communications into one place.

Run your classroom with ease—even at a distance.

Having a virtual classroom is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Rooms lets teachers manage changing classroom dynamics without skipping a beat.

Bring the dialogue into one place.

Rooms takes conversations from disparate channels and unifies them in one place. Parents will never have to wonder when their children’s homework is due, and students can ask their teacher school-related questions in a monitored, safe place.

Make Rooms the hub of your digital learning and communication.


After selecting a class, students will be taken to their Class Stream. Here they can view different announcements and assignments within a particular course as well as their class roster. Teachers and staff can upload class content, and students can view any new updates.


Our Class Assignments page lets teachers upload new class assignments and view student submissions. Students can come here to view upcoming homework and submit their assignments for teachers to review.


If a student has questions about upcoming assignments or class curriculum, they can message their teacher directly through our Messages platform. This is a safe space for student-teacher communication that is monitored by parents and administrators.

Academic Term

Our Academic Term feature is built to seamlessly integrate with your SIS. Set up and bulk import your academic enrollment information, including all courses and student rosters with the click of a button. It’s that easy!


When a student logs into Rooms, the first page they’ll see is the Classes Homepage. This page gives them quick and easy access to all of their classes, and can view notifications within each class.


Save some trees and use Documents! Our Documents feature takes away the time and stress of filing hard copy assignments, quizzes and curriculum notes. Teachers can upload and organize their entire semester's worth of documents in one sitting. The best part? When a new semester begins, simply copy, paste and recycle your previous curriculum documents. Your new semester is ready in a matter of minutes!

Class Settings

Our Class Settings feature lets administrators and teachers modify their class information and roster. Here students are able to see who’s in their class and get more information about the course.