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Apptegy has become a true friend to Pikeland. The customer service is timely, meaningful and supportive. They “coach us up” with every contact made. They listen to our voice and help us find our way in the ever changing world of technology and social media!

Dr. Carol L. Kilver
Superintendent | Pikeland CUSD 10

When our district made the move to Apptegy, I was concerned about the timing because it was already extremely busy. However, Apptegy was there to walk me through each step, providing all the necessary training. Apptegy is a company that will continually prove their customer service is a number one priority. They make me feel as if I have known them forever! Anyone who decides to use Apptegy will absolutely love having every social media platform in one place with the ease of Thrillshare.

Sherri Laffitte
Communication/IT | DeSoto Parish, LA

Apptegy has INCREDIBLE customer service. When I ask for help on the chat, they reply within seconds! They are willing to go in and help on their end to fix something if I can't get it figured out on my own.

Every person I've communicated with is friendly and my rep Elva has become more like a friend than a partner. She proactively sets up meetings and often calls or texts me just to check-in. I can tell she genuinely cares about our schools and helping us as much as she can.

When I started at our district I was nervous about working in Thrillshare since it was all new to me, but the user-friendly feel of the site, the customer service, and the additional help resources they offer made it a smooth learning curve.

Kallie Pullen
District Communication Specialist | Mattoon CUSD

Apptegy’s customer service for Thrillshare is top-notch! We always receive a quick response from a kind, caring representative who effectively addresses and resolves our issue.

Whether it is by email, phone, or the help desk, the person on the other end of the connection is eager and ready to help! I also appreciate that our client success manager schedules monthly check-in meetings to proactively address questions or to keep us up-to-date on the latest communication opportunities that Thrillshare provides. We feel like an important part of the team!

Jane Roger
Superintendent | Milan Community

I have been able to work with the fantastic team at Apptegy on two website deployments at two separate districts. During both deployments, the Apptegy team was incredibly friendly, responsive, and willing to go above and beyond for all of the unique requests that asked of them.

The team at Apptegy is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional, and the new sites at both districts that I worked closely with Jordan, Nick, and the rest of the team at Apptegy to build are HUGE upgrades from our previous sites. Thank you!

Benjamin Taylor
Director of Technology & Innovation |
Binghamton City School District

Apptegy’s customer support is outstanding. At each level of the company, you will encounter knowledgeable, kind, and quick help whether you’re reaching out via email, phone, or their awesome chat feature. Launching a new website is a big project that oftentimes can be intimidating—Apptegy is there for you every step of the way, making the process much more manageable.

Danielle Hannan
Communication | West Ada

"Apptegy & Thrillshare has been one of the best decisions of my career as a school superintendent."

We recognize that the timeframe for this project was incredibly short, and yet, thanks to the hard work, professionalism, and expertise of everyone involved from Apptegy, we were able to successfully deliver a website that not only meets but exceeds our expectations.

From the initial planning stages to the final implementation, every step of the process was marked by clear communication, proactive problem-solving, and a genuine commitment to excellence. Your team’s ability to adapt to our specific needs and preferences, while also offering valuable insights and suggestions, was truly commendable.

Craig Maniglia
Director of Communications and Government Affairs, Sarasota County Schools, FL

Thrillshare is extremely easy to learn and use, whether on the computer or my phone. No matter where I am, I can quickly post to our school's website and social media as well as send texts and other alerts to our parents, students and staff. I am not a "digital native," and am thus often reluctant to try new technology, but my entire experience with Thrillshare has been seamless and positive.

Whenever I do have a question or need assistance, client support is always available and helpful. Everyone I've worked with is extremely professional and committed to excellent customer service. And, I can't say enough about my main contact, Rachel C. She is always super helpful when I have technical questions, and she also offers wonderfully creative advice about making our app and website user friendly and appealing to parents, students, staff and our community.

Phyliss Boatwright
Director of Development/Public Information
Roxboro Community Schools

"In a field where customer support
is crucial, Apptegy stands out."

In a field where customer support is crucial, Apptegy stands out. Their team regularly communicates with us, responds quickly to our questions and requests for help, and stands behind their product. We have been fortunate to have attentive and knowledgeable client success managers who cover our account. Our district stays well-informed and prepared because of Apptegy.

Mark Amantia
Communication | Hopewell Valley

Taking over as superintendent I was nervous to switch our website because I knew if it didn't go well then it would be a bad first impression. The team at Apptegy was incredible from the start with onboarding and creation of the site to converting old documents — the process could not have gone better. Our website and communication to stakeholders went from a glaring weakness of the district to something other districts call and ask for advice about.

Nick Dettwiller
Superintendent | Eastern Local

“Thrillshare has been a great investment for our district. It has allowed for us to streamline our communication and share the exciting events and great news happening in Osceola School District.”

Dr. Toriano Green
Osceola School District, AR

Thrillshare has revolutionized school communications with lightning-fast resources and tools that ensure timely and efficient communication. Time moves fast as a School PR Professional, and I never have to worry as Apptegy’s customer service is always there to assist me with support within minutes.

Dylan McCullough
Communication | Anderson School District 3

We have been impressed with our Apptegy team as a whole. From the time we purchased, through implementation and problem solving, to maintenance and updating our site, everyone has been so willing to be a team player. They come with innovative ideas and are willing to meet our needs in the way that best fits us. You are providing the definition of "customer service" which is becoming a lost art. Elvie is a gem! You are lucky to have her!

As for Thrillshare itself, we love and appreciate the ease of use, the flexibility to be a fit for our district, and the partnership to change and update things. We are techie enough to be dangerous and it is wonderful to have Elvie and the other team members keeping us forward thinking and bringing fresh ideas or applications that we could never do on our own. It doesn't matter how big or small, everyone is willing to help us out and do so in a timely manner. From us to you, thank you and what you are doing is working!

Cathi Rude, M.S., Ed.
Superintendent | Blue Creek School, MT

I am so thrilled with the service and professionalism of Apptegy. They took our outdated website and did a complete makeover in just days. All of our documents and photos were there. Nothing was lost. The staff at Apptegy conducted one-on-one training with all the members of our teaching and admin personnel. I could never ask for better customer support and service.

Helen Cheek
Superintendent | Iditarod Regional, AK

When we first started with the Thrillshare Platform, we were skeptical. We thought, “There is no way this could be as simple as they say it is!” But guess what? It is!

The Thrillshare Platform that Apptegy provides is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. If you ever have a question about anything, all you have to do is click on the chat box and your questions are answered in just a few minutes. The customer service is top notch! Thrillshare works well with our PowerSchool SIS when it comes to sharing information for our instant messaging. Any kinks that have ever been discovered have been rectified quickly. We love the Thrillshare Platform and would recommend it to any school system.

Meri Page Spencer
Public Relations | Lunenburg County Public Schools

The customer service at Apptegy is unreal. Their willingness to help and patience working with educators and administrators who don't have a technical background is incredible. They are always reaching out with updates and system changes that are helpful and meaningful to our staff.

Paula Suda
Superintendent | Hillsboro, ND

Apptegy has provided an amazing online platform experience. They have streamlined all communication for our school district and made the experience user friendly. The impressive response time by the Apptegy Support team for inquiries is stellar! Our Client Success Manager, Sydney, has been a huge asset with building our website presence. I would not hesitate to recommend Apptegy to any school or district!

Deborah Forrester
Website & Social Media Coordinator |
Waynesboro Area School District

We are so happy that we chose Apptegy for our school and parish app. I didn't think I was up to the challenge of launching a new app, however, they were amazing about walking us all through the process and have been with us every step of the way. When I have had questions about anything, Dan S. has made sure that it gets answered same day. I would highly recommend Apptegy to anyone based upon their amazing customer service.

Tricia Faber
Special Projects Coordinator |
Divine Redeemer Catholic School

"We are so happy that we
chose Apptegy for our school and parish app."

Transitioning to a new website and communications provider was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, and previous providers never seemed to follow through when we asked.

Apptegy did everything – with almost no time or effort for our team! The best part is that I can completely trust the Apptegy team to meet our needs in a professional, timely, and accurate manner. Their customer service is by far the best I've ever encountered, regardless of vendor.

Ben Booth
Communications |
Gardner Edgerton School District 231

Apptegy epitomizes the face of outstanding customer service. The team has a people-first attitude with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Tipp City Schools’ Client Success Manager works closely with the district regularly to highlight available new tools, review the website, assess communication outreach, and check in to ensure the district is utilizing the platform to its maximum potential. The district truly has an ambassador who passionately advocates for the school district, so it maintains an impressive online presence and continues to enhance stakeholder engagement!

The Apptegy team is proactive and responsive to issues, challenges, requests, and suggestions. The district has seen its ideas go from request to reality in a timely fashion, whether unique to us or available to all clients. Apptegy offers immediate, knowledgeable support through instant messaging, email, text messages, or phone calls—sometimes after hours. Apptegy customer service exceeds expectations and never disappoints!

Liz Robbins
Director of Communications |
Tipp City Schools

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