Thrillshare Media:
Create, share, and manage your brand.

Jessica H. | Development

Thrillshare Media is the one-stop solution for managing your brand and reaching your audience. Craft a unique identity across your school website, app, social media, and alerts with one simple-to-use tool. Building a digital identity is not just about marketing; it’s about showcasing a culture of student accomplishment and community engagement.

Jessica H. | Development
from Thrillshare app to your school app

Make dynamic updates to your website and app.

Thrillshare Media enables you to make dynamic changes to your mobile app and website. Update your entire online presence and send notifications with one click.


Live Feed

Add live website updates on your homepage.


Add calendar events and turn-by-turn directions on your Events page.


Share dining and meal schedules quickly and easily. Keep families informed every day.

Scores and schedules

Share precise Google Maps locations, rival team information, and post final scores all in one place.


Write and share informative long-format content in minutes.


View photos and contact information to make calls in one tap.


Help your community find what they need.

Create and update custom pages with our content management system.

Update all of your website information from one place. From the district level down to the classroom, you can create custom pages with the content your users need. Thrillshare Media ensures your information is up to date, and brings school websites across your district into one intuitive editor.

Drag and drop elements.

Drag and drop design elements like text, photos, headlines, sliding galleries, tables, and more to bring your story to life. Thrillshare Media lets you design entire pages without affecting your live website and enables you to publish when you’re ready.

Customize your homepage.

Make the most of their first impression of your website. Thrillshare Media allows you to customize the design of your homepage using key features like gallery images, button bars, and site menu.

Control your brand identity.

Empower your staff to keep your website fresh and up to date. Our Page Permissions CMS feature lets you control who edits what. This allows individual schools and departments to showcase their unique personality while giving you ultimate control over your website.

Set your website up for success.

Optimize your website with Advanced Setting features. Know who’s coming to your website and how they’re getting there with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel. Design with advanced features like Page Editor Text Colors, Staff Email Display, and Alert Banners.

Comply with ADA standards.

Thrillshare Media is designed to make every page ADA compliant. That means you can drag and drop design elements or add content and our CMS will automatically adjust the page to make it fit in line with ADA compliant standards.

Keep your audience updated with school alerts & notifications.

Reach your audience instantly.

Create urgent and important messages in moments. Reach your audience wherever and whenever you want through school alerts and notifications.


Craft alerts on the go right from your phone with Thrillshare Mobile. Create segmented lists to reach targeted audiences quickly.


Send an alert or notification immediately to phones with SMS text, voice calls, text-to-speech, and push notifications.


Give multiple people on your team the ability to send organization-wide alerts.

Brand identity

  • Fully responsive websites
  • Improved web design
  • Multi-org websites
  • Dedicated school app for iOS and Android

Mobile first

  • Native iOS and Android school apps
  • Dedicated branded listing in the Play/App Store
  • Best-in-class in-app experience
  • Dynamic content and Live Feed
  • Administrative Thrillshare mobile app

School alerts & notifications

  • Send updates from anywhere
  • SMS texts
  • Voice calls & voicemail
  • Text-to-speech
  • Push notifications

Content management

  • Homepage management
  • Create and edit pages
  • Page permissions
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Advanced settings and code embeds

Increase your school brand awareness.

Showcase your best stories daily.


Great stories can happen anywhere—on the field or on the go. Empower those closest to the stories to be the storytellers.


Add short-form content to your website instantly with Live Feed and alerts.


With transparent access and oversight, moderated staff can request changes to your website and app. Administrators can make edits and choose what goes out to the public. Delegate responsibilities and control your brand at the same time.

Yury T. | Strategic Partnerships

Connect with your audience on social media.

Reach your audience across all social networks. Live Feed is connected to your social media accounts, which means you can update your website, app, and social media channels all with one click. It’s that simple.