Bring your community
closer together

Capture and keep attention effectively with Thrillshare.

You’re sharing information all the time with your community, but are they listening? Our modern communication solutions are designed to get and keep the attention of your audiences so you can bring your community closer together.

It’s time for a unified approach to your communication.


Crafting a great first impression begins with your website. Our websites are as user-friendly and intuitive as they are beautiful—all while tying back to your brand and to showcase what makes your community unique from location to strengths. 

Easy navigation, search, and documents allow your community to find what they need quickly and easily. Live Feed offers up-to-the-minute updates and Events makes it easy to share where and when your community is gathering.

Mobile Apps

Reach your community where they live: on their phones. Municipal leaders need a complete mobile solution designed with your constituents' needs in mind. Easy to access information, push notifications, and turn by turn directions to events right from your app. And your app should be just that—yours. We make apps custom to your branding, fully native to the devices your community uses most on Apple iOS and Android. 


Reach your community—without adding more work to you and your team.

Easily share the great news and stories with your community across all of your channels. Thrillshare allows you to update your website, mobile, and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

The best part? Thrillshare is built to run on web and mobile. Send updates from anywhere, update events on the go, and capture and share stories right where they happen and as they happen.

Craft an experience for your community

Win hearts and minds with an app that keeps them coming back while sharing the information they need to stay engaged. When your municipal communication, information and stories live inside one app, you have a perfect place to curate a great experience and build positive connections across your entire community.