Take Thrillshare to the next level with Engage

Engage the hardest-to-reach members of your community with the same platform you already know and trust to build your school brand.

Keep your community engaged with school newsletters

School newsletters are a cornerstone of Engage that enable you to reach your entire community. Simple to build and easy to send, newsletters can be created by principals, teachers, and coaches. Administrators can set the colors and logos of each newsletter within the district.

More than an update, school newsletters are an opportunity to share the stories that form your identity. Engage external audiences, including alumni and community members, with stories of achievements, events, and future plans.

Deliver customized

Audiences is a list segmenting feature within Engage that is designed to foster trust and communication. Group individuals into audiences based on shared interests or topics–extracurricular activities, sports, graduation year, and more.

Relevant and personalized, Engage's audience creation feature enhances participation and connection within your school community. Enable everyone to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Stay on brand

Your school’s brand has always been at the heart of Thrillshare. Whether it's the football team, a robotics club, or any other group, each sub-brand represents a unique micro-community with its own specific purpose and people.

Engage allows you to expand your brand while maintaining control. Admins can create sender personas with unique styling assets - brand names, logos, primary colors, link colors, and contact information. Users can build new newsletters and create and duplicate templates all within established brand guidelines.

Empower your staff

The best way to promote your brand is by empowering your staff to tell the positive stories of student achievement. With so many stories to tell, you need brand ambassadors across the district—people who wear your colors, live your values, and get others excited about your schools.

Communications Directors

Engage gives you the ability to distribute the work of telling your district’s story without giving up control of your brand. Set brand colors and logos, create audiences, and see every newsletter. Now, others in your district can share the great stories happening in your classrooms and on the field.


Give your biggest fans more to cheer about with a recap of last week’s big game and share the biggest moments by email in minutes.


Principals are a trusted voice in your community. With school newsletters, principals can connect with their entire community about upcoming events, spirit days, and more.

Family & Community Engagement

School newsletters are an effective and easy way to reach community members that do not have a student in your schools. Use newsletters to share information about open houses, community-wide events, clinics, and so much more.


With newsletters, teachers can share important dates and show off the good work being accomplished in class. Best of all, parents and guardians can share newsletters with grandparents and family members.

Do more with your brand. Try Engage.

Send school newsletters, create segmented audiences, and manage the smaller brands within your schools.