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Named one of Forbes Best Startup Employers 2020 and 2021 and Inc's Best Workplaces 2022

Our Culture



The way we treat everyone.

Thoughtfulness is noticing an opportunity to value another person and acting on that impulse. Every relationship at Apptegy can be improved by engaging with one another in a thoughtful way. We look for chances to make each other’s days and to amaze people with how much we care about the schools we serve and the products and services we provide.


High Performance

The way we manage ourselves.

Building a highly scalable startup in Little Rock, Arkansas can be challenging. A personal work ethic of high performance is needed across the company for us to succeed. High performance means accomplishing a large volume of work at an exceptional level of quality.

Who we serve

We are fortunate to work with leaders in K-12 education. Our products help superintendents and other administrators solve some of the biggest challenges their schools are facing.

The role of school leaders is changing rapidly. With the introduction of school choice policies, leaders need to take control of how people think and feel about their schools. By building technology that empowers school leaders to share their districts’ strengths, we can help schools thrive in a world of school choice.

What we'll expect from you

Growth Mindset

You understand that no one is perfect, that we all have weak spots. You want to master the skill of self improvement.


You are driven to do amazing work and complete every task to the best of your ability.


You constantly push yourself to get more done in less time by attacking your work with intensity.

Outcomes over Ego

You ask for help when you need it, own up to your mistakes, and put the needs of your colleagues above your own ego.

Open Positions

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