Do work that matters.

Tanya W. I HR & People

Our culture

the way we treat everyone

Thoughtfulness is noticing an opportunity to value another person and acting on that impulse. We look for chances to make each other’s days and to amaze people with how much we care about the schools we serve and the products and services we provide.

High Performance:
how we manage ourselves

Building a highly scalable scaleup in Little Rock, Arkansas can be challenging. A personal work ethic of high performance is needed across the company for us to succeed. High performance means accomplishing a large volume of work at an exceptional level of quality.

Britney C. I Client Experience

What we'll expect from you

Growth mindset

You understand that no one is perfect and that we all have weak spots. You want to master the skill of self improvement.


You constantly push yourself to get more done in less time by attacking your work with intensity.


You are driven to do amazing work and complete every task to the best of your ability.

Outcomes over ego

You ask for help when you need it, own up to your mistakes, and put the needs of your colleagues above your own ego.

Open positions

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Jack Y. I Sales

Who we serve

The role of school leaders is changing rapidly. With the introduction of school choice policies, leaders need to take control of how people think and feel about their schools. By building technology that empowers school leaders to share their districts' strengths, we can help schools thrive in a world of school choice. We are fortunate to help superintendents, administrators, and teachers solve some of the biggest challenges their districts are facing.

Our teams


From our first outreach, our Sales team is focused on crafting a different kind of experience for future clients.

Client Experience

We are invested in our clients’ success. Our entire Client Experience team is assisting and cheering our clients along as they share their stories with their communities.


The Product team thoughtfully shapes the future of our platforms and the experience our clients will have by building new features and products.


Our Software Engineers work behind the scenes to make our products, like Thrillshare, a breath of fresh air that makes school leaders' and administrators' lives easier.

Marketing & Media

Our Marketing & Media team is focused on creating actionable content that helps superintendents navigate rapid changes and unique challenges they are facing.

People, Operations & Finance

These internal teams support all of Apptegy as we scale and grow. Each is focused on bringing the right people together and crafting an experience for all.

All stakeholders can win.

We believe in crafting an experience for our employees, our clients, our investors, and our community. That puts the responsibility on us to value those we work closest with.

For employees, that means doing your best and most challenging work at Apptegy. For clients, that means having a trusted partner and a product that makes your life easier. For investors, that means having the best return and being part of building a company with intention. For our community, that means attracting and keeping talented people close to home while also having a focused impact where it matters most. This is what has been authentic to us from the start and something we aspire to even as we grow.