The expertise to resolve and prevent OCR complaints.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to prevent accessibility complaints and resolve them quickly.

What is ADA website compliance?

Check out our explainer video on what it means to be ADA compliant:

It’s all in the details.

For those with disabilities, small details like font color and images can make the difference between an intelligible and a frustrating online experience. Here’s how we correct all these finer details to protect you from accessibility complaints:

Keyboard Navigation

Navigating a website with a mouse can be impossible for those who lack fine motor skills. Our designs function with keyboard navigation.

How we do it:
  • Allowing users to easily maneuver a website using the tab key
  • Never trapping a user in a pop-up menu or form
  • Keeping the design clean and consistent
Keyboard navigation for ada compliance
Websites designed for screen readers, a requirement from the OCR
Screen Reader Friendly

Some people with visual impairments use screen readers to read your website. Screen readers take information from your website’s HTML to convert visual text into spoken words. If your website can’t be understood by screen readers, you’ll face major compliance issues. Our websites have clear navigation menus and image descriptions that play nice with screen readers.

How we do it:
  • Labelling our images with “alt-tags” - a piece of code that describes images
  • Having descriptive links that tell users where they are going when they click
  • Designing pages in a logical and intuitive way
Readable Content

Design and layout make a huge impact on how well people with low vision or color blindness can read your text. Our websites feature large text with font colors that contrast from the background.

How we do it:
  • Designing with beautiful, clean, and modern fonts that are easy to read
  • Ensuring that color contrast is WCAG approved
  • Creating responsive websites that display large text on any device
GOOD CONTRAST Poor Contrast Poor Contrast Poor Contrast
We’ll guide you through an Office for Civil Rights complaint.

Getting a letter from the OCR can be scary and confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Check out our explainer on the OCR process.

From creating a resolution plan, to providing training, to completely redesigning websites and apps, we have guided many customers through the OCR process. We have even interviewed OCR lawyers across the country to make sure you are protected from future complaints. We’ve got your back.